Insurance policies are available to protect businesses from threats of liability, theft, damages, and natural disasters. Protecting a business from internet threats requires an experienced company that provides security services. An emerging threat is a virus that basically holds files and data for ransom. Cyber criminals infect seemingly innocuous emails with a virus that encrypts business files. An email is sent demanding payment to return data and files. If payment is not received, the result can be the destruction of business information, or the release of confidential information over the internet.

Payment is no guarantee that files will be returned, so the best defense is preventative services, constant monitoring, and high level of security. If the business is attacked with the virus, professional help is required. Attempting to remove the virus can compromise the data. Experts have ways to remove the virus via a ransomware cryptolocker solution. The process is guaranteed to remove the virus within three days, result in complete file recovery, and prevent the virus from happening again. If removal is not completely successful, the service is free, and the company will reimburse the business for its time.

There are no businesses that are immune to cyber criminals. Large businesses have entire information technology (IT) departments to secure and monitor their systems. Small and medium businesses do not all have that luxury. Finding a professional company to provide needed services and support for smaller businesses, at affordable pricing is sometimes a challenge. Owners can Get small business computer services here. A customized approach to services accommodates unique business needs and budgets.

Services available include 24/7 monitoring, anti-virus protection, email encryption, voice over internet (VoIP) solutions for telecommunication, file sharing, and backup and disaster recovery planning. A private cloud platform provides extra security protection against ransomware, and other threats from cyber criminals. Your business is the investment of a lifetime so protecting it from all types of threats is essential. Do not neglect internet security due to high service costs. Get free quotes from a few companies to determine which services fit into the business budget. Pricing may be lower than anticipated, and the return is high.